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Feng Shui Living: Tips to Get Ready for Spring

Feng shui has long been used to balance the energy in one’s home to provide better chances at succeeding in multiple spheres of life. Dating back to around 4,000 BC, this ancient pseudoscience is based on the principle that the arrangement of your home has a large emphasis on your personal chi (energy).

Smart Upgrades That Will Help Sell Your House

Guest post by Jon Snyder

Understanding and Choosing Smart Home Products that Are Right for Your Lifestyle

Guest post by Patrick Hearn

Many people are drawn into the world of smart home technology by cool features like smart lights and smart assistants, because they help make life more convenient. But it can also be somewhat intimidating for people to get started when they’re faced with a bevvy of technical terms and limitless options. Getting past the jargon and understanding how smart home devices can work together can all add up to a much more convenient lifestyle.

“Smart Home” Technology Is the Future. Here’s Why

Why should you consider upgrading to this increasingly prevalent technology? Let’s explore a few reasons.

How to Partially Finish a Basement

How to Partially Finish Your Basement on a Budget


Transform your basement into a living area, laundry, bathroom or workspace you can use now — without a full renovation.

MAR 7, 2017

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